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International Professional Mediation Assessor Training Course


Becoming an Accredited International Professional Mediation Assessor of Mainland - Hong Kong Joint Mediation Center (MHJMC) is a key milestone in a mediator’s professional development. It demonstrates that you are an expert in mediation field, entitles you to put Accredited International Professional Mediation Assessor after your name and you will have the opportunities to be invited to act as a Mediation Assessor in the Professional Mediator Assessments. 

This Certificate Course will enable you to develop essential assessment skills using the MHJMC’s Professional Mediator Assessment System, leading to becoming an International Professional Mediation Assessor of MHJMC after satisfactorily passing the assessment. You will be qualified to apply for joining the International Accredited Professional Mediator Panel of MHJMC upon the completion of the course. You are also expected to be able to:

 - Understand the approaches of the MHJMC Professional Mediator Assessment System
 - Apply the concepts and details of the Professional Mediation and Cross-border Dispute Resolution Mechanism
 - Understand the professional feedback system and the approach to produce value-adding performance analysis
 - Understand the ethical standards for the Assessor
 - Grasp comprehensive Mediation Skills applicable to the Cross-border Dispute Resolution Mechanism
 - Conduct a mediation assessment

An accreditation assessment will be conducted at the end of the program. Graduates who have achieved satisfactory results in the assessment and fulfilled the requirements specified by MHJMC may be invited to be the Mediation Assessor of the Professional Mediator Assessments organized by MHJMC.

Course Requirement
 - Priority will be given to Trainers or Coaches of MHJMC and Hong Kong Mediation Centre (HKMC)
 - Accredited Mediator of MHJMC or HKMC or Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited (HKMAAL)
 - Conversant with mediation theories, skills and their applications
 - Good communication skills and have the ability to adapt their communication style to suit the need of audiences
 - Good command of both written and spoken Putonghua, while proficiency in English will be an added advantage
Prior to attending this course, it is recommended to have detailed understandings on mediation process and applications of skills.
Course Content
A. Introduction to the course
  - Course Objectives
  - Schedule and structure of the course
B. Role and Function of Assessor
  - The important role of a Mediation Assessor
  - Competence of a Mediation Assessor
  - Ethical standards for the Assessor
C. Introduction to Cross-border Dispute Resolution Mechanism 
  - Special features of the Cross-border Dispute Resolution Mechanism 
  - The structure of the Professional Cross-Border Mediator Training Course 
  - Mediation Skills, Process and Development
D. MHJMC Assessment and Assurance System
  - MHJMC Professional Mediator Assessment Report 
  - Guidelines on the Assessment of Professional Mediator
  - Competence and assessment standards
E. Feedback Assessment 
  - Exercise on Giving Feedback
  - Evaluation and Q & A
  - Accreditation Assessment
  - Certificate Presentation
Issue of Certificate
Certificate of Completion will be presented to participants with 100% attendance for all the sessions.
Certificate of Attendance will be presented to participants with 70% attendance for all the sessions.
Certificate of Accredited International Professional Mediation Assessor will be presented to graduates who have achieved satisfactory results in the assessment.

Course Details
18 (Monday), 21 (Thursday), 25 (Monday), 28 (Thursday) June 2018 & 2 (Monday), 5 (Thursday) July 2018
7:00pm-10:00pm (Registration Time: 6:45pm)

Mainland - Hong Kong Joint Mediation Center
(21/F, Success Commercial Building, 245-251 Hennessey Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong)

18 Hours (6 days in total)

Teaching Medium
Cantonese (with English teaching materials)

MHJMC: 18 points
HKMC: 18 points

Tuition Fee

Application Method
- Please complete and submit the online application form via the below link:;
- Please submit the Registration of Interest; and
- Please settle the course fee by either cross-cheque or bank transfer.

Payment Method
- Cross-cheque
Cheque should be made payable to "Mainland - Hong Kong Joint Mediation Center Limited” / 「內地—香港聯合調解中心有限公司」.
- Bank Transfer
Please transfer your course fee to the following account.
Bank Account:Mainland - Hong Kong Joint Mediation Center Limited
Bank Account Number:012-704-0-007316-3
- Please write your full name, contact number and course title at the back of your cheque or bank slip.

12 June 2018, 12:00 noon

Refunding Arrangement
The result of successful application will be announced by 13 June 2018. 
No refund will be arranged at all circumstance after 13 June 2018.


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