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How to become an Accredited Mediator, Panel Member or Associate Member?

In order to help members polish their skills and enhance their acquaintance with mediation, the Centre provides its members with diverse opportunities and platforms for continuing professional development, including but not limited to advancement courses, continuing professional education seminars, international academic conferences, case referrals and mentorship schemes. It also fosters mediation to become a service which benefits the general public with professionality and specialty. The Centre also organises networking activities to foster communication between members. 

Besides, members are recommended by the Centre to have their names included in the list of professional mediators of government bodies or professional institutions. Recommendation has been made to institutions including the Hong Kong Home Affairs Department, the Lands Tribunal, Financial Dispute Resolution Centre and Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association (HKMAAL).


Accredited Mediator

Candidates who have completed the 40-hour General Mediator Training Course organized by HKMC, or co-organized by HKMC, passed course-end assessment can apply directly with the Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited (“HKMAAL”) for accreditation. Successful accreditation and fulfilling the professional requirements specified by HKMAAL will lead to qualification of “General Accredited Mediator”. Candidates who attempt Accreditation of the HKMAAL must have at least 3 years full-time working experience.

Panel Member

The above-mentioned candidates who have satisfactorily passed the accreditation examination held by HKMAAL are eligible to apply for admission to HKMC Panel List. Experienced mediators accredited by other professional mediation organizations, local or overseas, may apply to be enlisted on HKMC’s Panel on a case-by-case basis to be considered by the HKMC Council. Panel Members are required to fulfill the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements stipulated by HKMC, details are available at

Associate Member

Members of the public who have completed the 40-hour General Mediator Training Course organized by HKMC, or those co-organized by HKMC, or other recognized course are eligible to apply for HKMC Associate Membership. Other mediators accredited by other professional mediation organizations, local or overseas, may consider to be the Associate Member.

Panel and Associate Membership Period and Fees

Panel and Associate membership period starts from 1st January and ends on 31st December in every calendar year. Please refer to the table below on details of membership fees. Panel Membership renewal is subjected to full compliance of the CPD requirements stipulated by HKMC.

Registration Fee
Membership Fee
(First year)
Membership Fee
Date of Admission
Jan to Jun
Jul to Dec
Panel Membership
Associate Membership

Membership Renewal

For the membership renewal application, members are required to submit the membership renewal form, and the CPD Record Submission Form indicating the fulfilment of the membership renewal requirements together with the annual membership fee on or before 31st December of that year.

Members who failed to renew their membership by 1st March of the following year will be suspended unless and until further remedial actions are taken by the respective members to the full satisfaction of HKMC.

Question: If my panel membership card was lost or damaged, how can I apply for a re-issued card?

Answer: If you have lost or damaged your membership card, you can send an email to HKMC ( of the title of Membership Card Re-issue Application and reasons for the request. A non-refundable administration fee of HK$50 will be charged for each application. Successful application will be issued with a new Membership card within 10 workings days from the date of approval.


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