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Panel of Mediators

Accredited Mediator No. Name Position
AM1001 Lee Wai Man Maurice, JP Solicitor
AM1002 Leung Raymond Hai Ming Arbitrator and Mediator
AM1003 Siu Wing Yee, JP Solicitor
AM1004 Chan Bing Woon, SBS, JP Consultant Solicitor
AM1007 Liang Tin Sing Chartered Engineer
AM1009 Wong Ng Kit Wah Cecilia Solicitor
AM1012 Wong Sze Wa Company Secretary
AM1015 Cheng Wai Kee Investigation
AM1031 Tang Chi Wang Building Surveyor/Building Engineer/Expert Witness
AM1034 Yeung Kar Wai Shirley Quantity Surveyor
AM1036 Wong Suk Ha Social Worker
AM1041 Hung Kit May Beatrice Registered Psychologist
AM1046 Lam Yeung Yin Managing Consultant - Production
AM1064 Tsa Tak Yan Environmental Protection
AM1066 Lee Yat Hang Senior Resident Engineer
AM1070 Yang Ching Shan Polly Consultant, Talent Development
AM1074 Cheung Kam Fung Human Resources Consultant/ Counsellor
AM1081 Lai Tung Chai
AM1084 Leung Tim Keung Security Training
AM1097 Wong Yiu Yu Carman Social Work
AM1122 Luk Wai Hang Registered Professional Surveyor
AM1127 Leung Tong Lit Charles Higher Education
AM1139 Cheung Wing Yiu Glory Certified Financial Planner Practitioner
AM1141 Tang Kim Sung Part-time Lecturer (Previous - Registered Safety O
AM1150 Chow Kwok Yiu Construction
AM1185 Ip Ka Yee Legal Counsel
AM1196 Chan Kwok Kee Project Manager
AM1202 Lee Wing Shan Social Worker
AM1204 Fu Kwok Kwan Project Manager
AM1215 Chiu Yuen Mei Angel Education
AM1226 Cheung Wai Fung Safety Manager
AM1227 Chiu Shing Ping James Mediator, Collaborative Practitioner
AM1234 Leung Wing Kam Amanda Executive Officer
AM1241 Leung Suk Chong Solicitor
AM1247 Tang Kin Ming Trevor Senior Community Relations Manager
AM1251 Chan Luen Heung Victoria Consultant
AM1252 Ip Shui Ling Hester Radiation Therapist I
AM1257 Ho Kang Kit Keith Accredited Mediator
AM1258 Ho Man Kin Assistant Vice President / Engineer
AM1263 Hui Siu Hong Louis Education
AM1268 Lui Shu Tim Director & Executive Consultant
AM1277 Hung Wai Fun Jessie Solicitor
AM1280 Cheng  Kar Shing Director
AM1282 Law Wai Hung Director
AM1284 Fung Wing Man Senior Vice President, Head of Claims
AM1285 Chow Lam Fai Kenneth Chief Claims Officer
AM1290 Lai Tak Shing David Barrister-at-Law
AM1297 Au King Cheong Matthew Solicitor
AM1306 Lai Kwok Kin Senior Building Services Manager
AM1317 Tam Sau Ying Solicitor
AM1319 Lo Kar Yin Quantity Surveyor
AM1325 Leung Wing Hang Vitus Legal
AM1330 Yip Sau Yin Associate Vice President (Student Affairs)
AM1332 Chan Kam Shing Gilbert Solicitor
AM1334 Tam Mei Ling Solicitor
AM1335 Lee Po Yee Polly Consultant
AM1349 Li Kwan Ting Neilson Investment Planner
AM1354 Yu Kwok Chuen Marketing & Communications Consultant
AM1378 Young Farma Mckenneth Solicitor
AM1386 Chan Kin Wo Solicitor
AM1388 Kwan Wai King Facility & Property Management
AM1389 Cheung Siu Yin Solicitor
AM1393 Hon Yip Social Worker
AM1399 Lam Wai Pan Architect/Subvention Project (4)
AM1409 Yang Eugenia  Barrister
AM1410 Yeung Wing Yam Merchant
AM1415 Chan Yi Marketing
AM1424 Maloney Elsa Medical Management
AM1437 Chan Chun Chit Richard Funeral
AM1454 Cheung Pui Yee Denise President, Asia Pacific
AM1456 Chia Chuen Yuen Merchandising Manager
AM1458 Chung Siu Ling Communications Manager
AM1461 Chik Lai Fan Senior Human Capital Manager
AM1462 Sauw Yim Solicitor
AM1465 Law Chi Kei Jacky Human Resources and Administration Director
AM1470 Cheng Kwok Wai Motor Surveying
AM1475 To Loi Chuen Legal
AM1481 Kwok Chun Hung Principal Consultant (Human Resource Development a
AM1493 Chiu Kam Kun Eric Director/Principal Consultant
AM1494 Mohamed Abdul Kadir Mohamed Faizal  Deputy Senior State Counsel / Public Prosecutor
AM1497 Chan Shu Ching Vincent Barrister
AM1498 Wong Yim Foon Isabel
AM1501 Leung Suk Yu Youth Work Officer
AM1502 Jim Sek Chu Ivy Registered Social Worker (Retired)
AM1505 Chung Yuen Yue Yvonne Technician
AM1513 Cheung Yi Man Assistant Financial Controller
AM1516 Hsieh Hiu Tung Legal Executive
AM1517 Lee Chiu Leung Solicitor
AM1522 Chung Hok Yu Education / E-Solutions
AM1536 Chan Kwai Ming Construction / Engineering
AM1538 Mok Yeung Kei Analyst / Programmer
AM1539 Sin Sze Man Education
AM1544 Cheung Nga Tik Andynorria Property Management
AM1546 Chan Ho Man Alfred Director
AM1564 Chan Kai Leung
AM1567 Chau Wan  EA to Deputy Chairman
AM1570 Ho Chi Chung Property Development
AM1578 Tan Woon Kong Sales Co-ordination Manager
AM1580 Law Koon Kiu Housing Officer
AM1585 Lee Yiu Keung Clergy
AM1586 Woo Ming Lap Procurement Director
AM1593 Au Shuk Fun Director
AM1597 Young Yuk Fun Portia Human Resources Consultant
AM1611 Chun Yuk Chi Jackie General Manager
AM1612 Shum Wai Hung Property Management/Insurance
AM1619 Ng Tin Chi Ivan Civil Engineering
AM1623 Ching Yun Lam Law Clerk
AM1625 Leung Chi Yee Sales Manager
AM1629 Yeung Yuk Lan Coporate Development & Management Consultant
AM1653 Yip Chun Yu VP, Corporate Development
AM1658 Chiang Chi Hang Registered Social Worker
AM1686 Chow Wai Lam Magnum
AM1692 Kwong Kin Mui System Manager
AM1699 Chow Pok Yick Merchant
AM1700 Lee Sai Wah Insurance, Risk Management & Claims
AM1701 Young Tim Tsan Alan Head of I.T.
AM1702 Chan Wai Yin Angelina Housing Manager
AM1708 Hon Yuk Wah Ellen Human Resources Professional
AM1719 Lo Wai Kit Senior Corporate Services Officer
AM1724 Cheung Chi Chuen Information Technology
AM1729 Chow Choi Wan Administration
AM1732 Ma Siu Ling Solicitor (Consultant)
AM1738 Tsang Sin Ting Tina Paralegal
AM1745 Bodnar-Horvath Kwai Yung Helen Legal
AM1747 Lee Jim On Wealth Management Director
AM1754 Shea Siu Mei Airline Service
AM1755 Or Kit Yee Building
AM1758 Tang Tsz Leung Assistant Art Director
AM1760 Ma Yan Kwok Barrister
AM1765 Yip  Yan Yan Public Policy Research
AM1767 Ng Yuk Ha HR Manager
AM1769 Lam Yeung Kwan Raymond Chartered Civil Engineer
AM1775 Wong Wai Fong Senior Property Manager
AM1776 Chiu Kwan Suen Senior Community Relationship Manager
AM1778 Kong Tak Shun
AM1780 Cheung Chun Wai Vincent Portfolio Management
AM1781 Ho Man Tak Melanie Insurance/Financial Planning
AM1783 Chan Hon Wan Edwin Professor
AM1786 Fan Wing Yan Angel Solicitor
AM1791 Ting Yuen Chun Eric Associate
AM1793 Hui Yiu Mei Alicia Director
AM1794 Fong Yik Kim Pekal Financial Planning Manager
AM1796 Yim Shui Wa Education
AM1797 Lam Yan Yee Health Care/Human Resources
AM1798 Lee Pak Mui Christina Office Administrator
AM1807 Fan Chi Shing Quantity Surveyor
AM1809 Chan Chi Hing Alnwick General Practice Surveyor
AM1811 Ho Kai Chung Loan Officer
AM1818 Law Lee Kwan Lena Financial Planner
AM1822 Tse Wan Yuk Manager
AM1829 Li Kam Chuen Senior Property Services Manager
AM1833 Lai Pui Chuen Human Resources and Administration
AM1836 Lai Yiu Man Engineering
AM1842 Siu  Sau Yin Cindy Associate Director
AM1846 Yu Yuet Fun Alice Manager and Assistant Company Secretary
AM1852 Li Siu Keung Karson Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner
AM1860 Ho Sin Ting Social Worker
AM1862 Leung Tat Man Senior Quantity Surveyor
AM1863 Ling Pui Sze Administrative Officer – Outbound Dept.
AM1864 Chan Hoi Ning Administrative Management
AM1865 Chan Kin Wa Course Coordinator
AM1866 Chau Man Yee Executive Officer
AM1867 Cheung Yeuk Tip Christine Chief Development Officer
AM1873 Leung Fiona Nga Woon Assistant Solicitor
AM1875 So Maria May Yan Planner
AM1876 Tam Oi Lan Property Management
AM1878 Wong Yiu Kai Dentist
AM1881 Yue Lok Man Rebecca Higher Education
AM1883 Chan Kan Ip Philip MD
AM1888 Chan Sun Kwong Certified Public Accountant
AM1892 Yeung Ling Li Internal Auditor
AM1896 Chan Ho Yan Senior Administrative Officer
AM1902 Chiu Kwun Pan Asessor, Gemmologist
AM1904 Fung Ka Wai Assistant Manager, Customer Relations, Operation D
AM1909 Tang Sing Lung Auditor
AM1915 Lau Yat Kwan Assistant Social Work Officer
AM1922 Fung For Yau Assistant Manager
AM1923 Chu Tak Yi
AM1924 Ng Chung Ching Training
AM1925 Wu Yee Yan Assistant HR Manager
AM1930 Wong Chui Fan Management
AM1935 Ng Hei Yu Alice Painter
AM1936 Choi Ka Lun Property Management
AM1938 Kwok Siu Wing Banking
AM1940 Man Chi Wai Engineer
AM1950 Kwan Man Yee Quantity Surveyor
AM1951 Lau Ka Ming Government Employee
AM1952 Lee Ka Ling Josephine Services Industries
AM1958 Tang Chi Yat Security Guard
AM1959 Tse Chun Ting Knowledge Management
AM1963 Yeung Wing Counseling Psychologist
AM1967 Hong Shuk Yi Customer Service
AM1968 Lau  Suk Yu Registered Professional Surveyor
AM1970 Wong Ka Yan Banking
AM1980 Cheung Ka Leung Deputy Project Manager
AM1981 Tam  Sin Cheong Project Management
AM1982 Leung Tin Hung Computer Officer
AM1984 Chan Ka Cheong Engineer
AM1987 Ng Wai Hung Builder
AM1990 Wong Wing Wah
AM1992 Wong Kwai Ying Finance Manager
AM1994 Wong Hoi Yin IT Project Manager
AM1999 Lee Yuk Mei May Human Resource
AM2001 Tang Man Yin Asst. Branch Mgr.
AM2010 Chan Man Ho Registered Social Worker
AM2015 Tsang Chick Sang Senior Director
AM2016 Wong Siu Lan Client Services Officer
AM2017 Yeung Chi Bun Youth Work Officer
AM2019 Chiu  Kei Yan General Manager
AM2040 Wai Wing Chong
AM2044 Chan Lap Yee GM
AM2045 Ho Wing Mui Iris Career Development
AM2050 Li Wai Senior Investigator
AM2053 Chan Chin Mei Veronica Administration / Investigation
AM2055 Chan  Ka Yan Health Inspector
AM2058 Cheung  Man Wah Assistant Manager - Project Management
AM2068 Man Chi Hung Distribution Training & Development
AM2069 Sit Po Yuk Sales Manager
AM2070 Chan Wing Hong Raymond Electronics Engineer
AM2071 Lau Shui Yin Intellectual Property
AM2074 Leung Wai Shing Bevis Executive Director
AM2075 MOHAMED  SIDIQ Counseling Psychologist
AM2078 Chan Wai Ming Human Resources and Administration
AM2085 Ho Wai Hung Joannes Wealth Management
AM2086 Kwan Wing Yip Registered Professional Engineer (Civil)
AM2087 Lai Man Tan Youth Work Officer
AM2088 Wong Yan Amy Secretary General
AM2092 Lin Wai Hung Environment, Health and Safety Professional
AM2097 Ng Wai Man Company Secretary
AM2099 Tong Chung Teen Medical/ Sport
AM2100 Tsang Kwok Kwong Team Manager
AM2102 Wong  Alice Assistant Operations Manager
AM2108 Leung Chi Ping E&M Engineering / Building Services Installation
AM2109 Yu Carmen Quality Reinforcement Manager
AM2112 Tsui  Yuk Jing Louisa Arts Administration
AM2115 Ho Wai Kit Legal & Compliance
AM2129 Lee Yuan Xi Mediator (Full Time)
AM2138 Chan Wai Man Project Manager
AM2143 Leung Po Yin Banking
AM2144 Lui Kai Ming Accredited Mediator
AM2148 Yeung Fai Senior R & D Engineer
AM2149 Ho Shui Chu Director
AM2150 Ip Fung Yee Registered Nurse
AM2153 Lee Ka Wai English, Chinese
AM2154 Sung Chi Leung Judiciary Executive (Information Technology)
AM2157 Xu Jing Montair Senior Director / Senior Legal Assistant (Eng)
AM2158 Lee Kim Hung Solicitor / Senior Partner
AM2160 Mong Ching Lam Alva Legal Secretary
AM2165 Chan Wai Sing Quantity Surveyor
AM2171 Cheung Kwok Fai Banker
AM2174 Hon Mei Yu Admin
AM2176 Tam Fei Luen Quantity Surveyor
AM2177 Mok Ka Yin Monica
AM2178 Hui Chun Tai Solicitor
AM2181 Yau Pui Ka Zita Mediator (General)
AM2182 Lin Pak Yin Assistant Services Operation Supervisor
AM2184 Li Tsz Kin Accounting
AM2185 Ling Wai Kay Vickie Barrister-at-Law / Mediator
AM2186 Koo Fan Ching Sylvia Senior Business Manager
AM2187 Lo Ping Hung Oscar Information Technology
AM2188 Lee Pik Kuen Anne Solicitor
AM2189 Szeto Lai Lee Lily Social Work Officer
AM2190 Ma Siu Lam Solicitor
AM2191 Lee Kin Man Senior Inspector of Customs & Excise
AM2192 Ng Ming Chi Solicitor
AM2193 Lau Chun Pang Process & Quality Expert
AM2194 Chan Ka Chun Senior System Analyst
AM2195 Ho Kai Chung Assistant Manager (Acquisition and Clearance)
AM2196 Mak Nga Wun Arlina Barrister-at-Law
AM2198 Ho Chun Kit Quantity Surveying
AM2201 Tse So May Workforce Management Manager
AM2202 Lee Ka Hung Alex Director, Field Services
AM2203 Lai Tsz Kin Mediator/ Counsel/ Arbitrator
AM2204 Hui Man Kit Patrick Solicitor
AM2207 Ho Shuk Yee Samantha Investment Manager
AM2208 Lok Pak Sai Trading
AM2210 Yeung Chui Ping Priscilla Superintendent (Retired)
AM2216 To Cheuk Lun Barrister at Law
AM2220 Wu Wing Man Certified Financial Planner Practitioner
AM2223 Gerrard Robert Alan Director
AM2225 Fong  Man Lee Lila Chartered Secretaries; Putonghua Teacher
AM2226 Lu Jing Feng Senior Legal Assistant
AM2227 Tsoi Wan Wa Shirley Actor, EMCEE/HOST
AM2231 Sze  Kit Yu Veronica Director
AM2234 Lam  Yuen
AM2236 Liu  Ka Yeung Senior Engineer
AM2239 Chu Heung Ming, Stephen Barrister-at-law, Arbitrator and Mediator
AM2242 Wong Lai King Hubert Engineer, Certified Professional Marketer
AM2243 Cheung Wing Hong Financial Planner
AM2244 Keung Keung So Fong Claires Director
AM2245 Fung Wai Hang Director
AM2246 Liu Lan Fong (Retired) Civil Servant
AM2249 Chan Ka Ho Vice President
AM2250 Chung Sin Ling (Retired) Secondary School Principal
AM2251 Ng Suk Yee Terresa Executive Assistant
AM2253 Hon Yim Ting Human Resources Officer
AM2255 Lau Ka Lung Project Manager
AM2256 Cheong Ka Leng Investigation Officer
AM2258 Ng Lai Chu Inside Sales Representative
AM2259 Lai Oi Ning Teacher
AM2260 Lo Fung Yee Daphne Consultant
AM2261 Chan Sim Kuen Administrative Manager
AM2262 Kwan Suet Man Consultant
AM2263 Wan Yu Pui Teacher
AM2265 Chan Kar Yeung Partner/Senior Marketing Manager (Worldwide)
AM2266 Li Hui Ying Consulting and Training
AM2267 Ng Stephen Pastor
AM2270 Hoi Mei Fong Founder/Principal Consultant
AM2273 Ling Wai Hang Assistant Social Work Officer
AM2277 Wong Ting Ting Counsel
AM2278 Hew Tan Lam Senior Compliance Specialist
AM2282 Lin Pui Yin Priscilla International Coordinating Manager
AM2288 Ma Yiu Tim, Jimmy SBS, JP Barrister-at-Law
AM2289 Hui Wai Yan Kelly Director
AM2290 Chung Siu Kwong Kevin Land Inspector
AM2293 Lo Kit Fong Assistant General Manager
AM2294 Chen Bing Volunteer
AM2295 Bharwaney Mohan Arbitrator / Accredited Mediator
AM2296 Fang Fang Manager
AM2297 Sit Chung Ping Director
AM2299 Law Joseph Jr Business Director
AM2300 Chong Yiu Kwong Senior Lecturer
AM2301 Lam Kenneth King Lun Paralegal
AM2302 Poon King Hung Solicitor/Civil Engineer
AM2303 Ng King Chee Hayley Consultant
AM2304 Lee Hoi Wan Senior Associate
AM2305 Lee Chun Hay Ivan Barrister-at-law
AM2306 Leung Sze Man Alice Senior Company Secretarial Manager
AM2307 Chui Wai Wah Regional Sanctions Office
AM2308 To Christopher Barrister-at-Law
AM2310 Law Chi Lim Medical Doctor
AM2311 Mok Hon Kwong Thomas Principal Solicitor
AM2312 Yeung Ka Tai Management Services Officer
AM2313 Ng Cheuk Yin Solicitor
AM2314 Fong Yan Yan Mediation Consultant
AM2315 Ip Ping Ting Grace Government Counsel
AM2316 Chan Yiu Ming Gordon Lecturer I
AM2317 Ma Jingjing Executive Director Head of Sales
AM2318 Ho Ho Ming CEO
AM2319 Kok Pak Ning James Manager
AM2320 Kwong Ka Yin Phyllis Director & Legal Advisor
AM2321 Lam Hing Scientific Equipment Sales
AM2322 Au Chi Ping Senior Executive Officer
AM2323 Kong Chung Yau Solicitor
AM2324 Shum Hau Man Senior Property Officer
AM2325 Shon Moon Ting Human Resources Manager
AM2326 Ng Wing General Manager
AM2327 Hung Pui Yee Programme Manager
AM2328 Lee  Man Yiu Ambulanceman
AM2329 Cheng Man Yu Officer
AM2330 Wong Chun Yiu Officer
AM2331 Cheung Lai King Tanny Pupil Barrister
AM2332 Wong Wai Keung CEO
AM2333 Cheng  Hon Cheong Officer
AM2334 Yeung  Ching Hei Project Coordinator
AM2335 Lam  Shan Shan Department Manager Merchandising & Concession Admi
AM2336 Wong Pui Ying Associate
AM2337 Ho  Chi Wai Senior Facilities Manager
AM2338 Lau Ho Yan Project Coordinating Manager
AM2888 Ho Cheuk Wai Alison Head of Corporate Responsibility
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