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Professional Mediator Training Certificate Course

With China’s development of “One Belt, One Road”, cross-border investment and business growth will inevitably surge. This leads to an increase in commercial disputes, hence enterprises’ demand for cross-border mediation services also grows. On the other hand, the Supreme People’s Court is also actively promoting the reform of diversified dispute resolution mechanism. Having been highly recommended by the Chinese Government, the tendency of adopting the diversified dispute resolution mechanism is expected in China. Our Center has established cross-border dispute resolution services, combining the strengths of both Hong Kong mediation and international arbitration, so that the award can be applied and executed in more than 150 regions all over the world. The parties need not file the same litigation repeatedly in different judicial jurisdictions. Mediation does not only save time and money, but it also helps enterprises maintain their reputations and cooperative relationships. Therefore, mediation is advantageous in terms of autonomy, confidentiality, compatibility and flexibility, etc.

Aim of the Course
This course mainly teaches mediation concepts, procedures, skills and related legal knowledge of the Mainland and Hong Kong through group discussions, real cases sharing and simulated cases (role play) exercises, etc., so that students can master all kinds of mediation skills in order to become a professional mediator. Students can also enhance their personal communication abilities and improve their interpersonal skills, and also effectively utilize different mediation skills to deal with disputes and conflicts in daily life and at work, in an organized and systematic manner.

Advantages of the Training Course
High Recognition: Mainland – Hong Kong Joint Mediation Center is the first joint Mediation Center in our region set up by two major mediation institutions in Mainland and Hong Kong. It is well-recognized and highly supported by the Department of Justice of Hong Kong.
As a center of legal services and dispute resolution in Asia Pacific, Hong Kong has already developed a mature and international mode of mediation. This course combines the international mode of mediation and diversified dispute resolution mechanism with Chinese characteristics, to equip students with the most professional mediation skills and knowledge, so as to deal with various international commercial disputes.
Teaching Quality Assurance: A team of experienced instructors is responsible for preparing the teaching materials and teaching this course. The reputable teaching team has trained up many professional mediators in Hong Kong and around the world, indicating that the teaching team and teaching materials are up to international professional standards.
Professional Development Platform: Our Center provides diversified continuing professional development opportunities and platform to accredited professional mediators, including advanced courses, talks, seminars, mediation, case referrals, etc., in order to help them further develop their mediation profession.

Course Outline
Basic concepts, trends and prospects of mediation
Mediation Process 1: Mediation Processes, Opening Statement, Scope of Application
Mediation Process 2: Mediation Processes, Joint Sessions, Separate Sessions and Discussion of Details
Mediation Skills: Communication Skills and Questioning Skills
Mediation Skills: Listening Skills, Facilitation Skills, Reframing Skills, Negotiation Skills
Mediation Skills: Use of Body Language, Empowerment, Handling Impasses and Deadlocks, Closing the Last Gap
Basic Concept of Contract, Settlement Agreement and other related documents
Mediation Code, Mediation Ordinance
Mediator’s Rules and Code of Ethics
Role Play
Legal knowledge of the Mainland and Hong Kong
Cross-border dispute resolution service: “Mediation and Arbitration” Mechanism

Professionals and executives, or
Persons who intend to become professional mediators, or
Persons who intend to enhance their communication and conflict resolution skills

Issue of Certificate
Students, attaining 100% attendance in the course and passing the examination at the end of the course, will be awarded a “Professional Mediator Training Certificate”.

Professional Accreditation
Students with “Professional Mediator Training Certificate” can apply for accreditation assessment for professional mediator organized by our Center. For those who successfully pass the assessment, they can apply to become an “Accredited Professional Mediator” of Mainland – Hong Kong Joint Mediation Center.

A team of recognized and experienced trainers and mediators of Mainland – Hong Kong Joint Mediation Center

Course Details
Total Hours
40 hours (5 days in total)
Mainland – Hong Kong Joint Mediation Center (21/F, Success Commercial Building, 245-251 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong)
Teaching Language
Putonghua (Teaching materials are mainly in Chinese)
Tuition Fee
HK$13,000 (Applicants enrolling before a specified date can enjoy a tuition discount of HK$1,000.)
Enrollment Methods
Please fill in and submit the application form, together with a copy of academic qualifications certificates and tuition fee, through e-mail or mail; or hand in in person to our Centre
Payment Methods
Cheque (Payable to “Mainland – Hong Kong Joint Mediation Center Limited”. Please put down your name, contact number and course name on the back of the cheque. Only applicable to applicants who have a Hong Kong bank account.)
Bank Transfer (Please transfer the tuition fee to Bank of China Account 012-704-0-007316-3. Please also put down your name, contact number and course name on the back of the bank slip.)
Tertiary education level or above. Students are required to submit a copy of their academic qualifications at the time of enrollment.

Mediators’ Professional Development Path

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